"As a commercial real estate manager, we depend on top quality vendors to provide our building related services. We have come to rely exclusively on Thompson Roofing Services to handle all of our roofing needs, from minor repairs to partial and full roof replacements. For prompt response, reliability, cost effectiveness and integrity, their service is simply the very best. We would not hesitate to recommend TRS to anyone."
Hal McCoy, HVM Management Company

"As a facility manager, it is rare that I have something good to say about a contractor that I use on a regular basis but, I have learned to utilize the services of Thompson Roofing Services a long time ago. Learning that there is more to roofing than just a phone call or a price, when you make this call you will get not only competitive pricing, and professional prompt service, you will get a long term commitment with a genuine interest in your roofing needs. Needless to say, very professional and they stand behind their work in every step of the process. They truly believe in the practice of "Integrity"."
Steve Glidewell, Koury Corporation Facilities Management Division

"We believe that Thompson Roofing and its people set the standard for roofing services. They are knowledgeable, thorough, and committed to customer service."
Bob Houghton, Weaver Investment Company

"I still have roof leaks, as one would expect on 200,000 square feet of flat roof of all ages and construction in a climate with dramatic variations in temperature, but I now have happy and understanding Tenants thanks to Bobby's rapid and professional repair of the leaks. I also contract him to do regular Preventative Maintenance which minimizes the leaks. Life is good now!"
Jack O'Rourke, Managing General Partner, High Point Mall

"American Growler, Inc. had several different roofing problems. TRS came in promptly and offered viable solutions to the problems. Their people are professional and always told us the straight truth about our roofing issues. American Growler, Inc. will continue to use TRS services in the future. Thank you Bobby! "
Daniel L. Brown, Director of Operations, American Growler, Inc.

"Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with the work you did for us. We had seen water in the basement whenever it rained. I had thought it was from the lack of gutters. With the downpours we have had since you replaced the roof, we have not seen water in the basement! Thanks so much for job well done! I will be sure to recommend your company to all who need flat roof replacement. "
Keith Adams, Asheboro, NC

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